How To Generate Leads With Video

Of the course of the last few months I have covered a variety of topics, from corporate video costs to how to implement a video strategy, I’ve tried to shed some light on a number of areas which I am regularly questioned about.

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May 27, 2015

Why Corporate Video Doesn't Mean Dull Video

After writing a blog, at the start of the month, regarding what considerations you should make before commissioning a corporate video, I have been meaning to come back to this topic as a result of some comments which I received. A number of the comments were in regards to does corporate video have to simply 'talking heads' shots interspersed with some fairly awful euro-pop? Now, for those of you who know my taste in music (for those who don't, see here!), you will know I am not a fan of euro-pop but irrespective of that, the answer is a firm no; corporate video doesn't mean a dull video.

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May 25, 2015

B2B Video Marketing Examples

We're incredibly lucky at Hub to have some fantastic interns who have worked for us over the years and it's always great to be able to stay in touch after their placement. One such intern

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May 22, 2015

Video & ROI: A Match Made in Digital Heaven

As a creative video agency, we love to make clever, engaging and beautiful films.

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May 20, 2015

The Top 5 Issues B2B Video Marketing Resolves

It is important to consider the problem you're facing before proposing to use video in your content approach. 

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May 18, 2015

The Benefits Of Creating A Video Campaign

At Hub we will always try to accommodate our clients wishes and of course, we wouldn't be a trusted video agency if we didn't offer a slice of our own opinion every so often.

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May 14, 2015

12 Corporate Video Costs Explored

The cost of a corporate video is ultimately down to your budget but I frequently find people wanting to understand a bit more about what makes up the cost of a corporate video production.

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May 13, 2015

Standing Out As A Video Production Agency In London

With the sheer range of choice for anyone looking to partner with a video production agency in London, it can be confusing as to who to pick.

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May 12, 2015

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