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Renee Sutherland
July 10, 2017

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After a very prideful weekend in London, we have rounded up some of our favourite content released in the weeks prior to the Pride event on Saturday 8th July 2017.

HSBC - Pride



Arriving via Snapchat and Instagram we found this delightful and touching video in our social feeds on Saturday morning. Made in the vertical format the film cuts between two stories past (yet still current) and present.

The Apology - Love Happens Here



Released a few weeks back, it is the first advert made by Pride London and broadcast nationally on Channel 4. It is a tough watch as we see parents and siblings apologise for their comments, negative reactions and rejections of either their daughter, son, brother or sister - ending on a poignant tagline ‘don’t leave it unsaid.’

Barber Poles



On the other side of the pond, an elegant advert tackling the gendered space of barbers.  Without featuring any one person an audio montage of news reports of trans people being turned away from barber shops plays out over of a number of rotating traditionally coloured barber poles before resolving on a new coloured edition. 

Amazon Music Sponsors of Pride London 2017



Short and very sweet this 20-second advert is a little PR for Amazon’s corporate sponsorship of Pride London 2017 but still, nicely done.

Leiomy Maldonado - Nike Be True



Where aren’t Nike at the moment? Released for Pride month this gorgeous video featuring the incredible Leiomy Maldonado dancing, sashaying and hair flipping her way through New York.

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