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Ursie Downes
June 17, 2017

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From Gillette to Moonpig, we check out 5 brand’s Father’s Day advertising campaigns.

Gillette – This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad.

This year, Gillette have used their Father’s Day campaign as an opportunity to tackle one of the most common modern-day father-son issues; communication. The ad uses the ‘social experiment’ format we’ve seen a few times recently (most notably, the much discussed Heineken advert, and the similarly themed Mentos ads) and explores how young men often find it difficult to talk to their Fathers. We like the way that Gillette gives us a perspective here from both Father and Son, and the advert comes across as genuine and relatable.





Matalan – Father’s Day 2017

Simple, effective and very very cute. We like the way that Matalan’s brand takes a back seat in this Father’s Day ad. Although the kids are super styled and very fashionable, the unscripted format gives a nod to the strangely addictive The Secret Life of 3/4/5 Year Olds we know and love. The diverse casting is beautiful and it’s nice to see kids just being kids. 




Dove – Celebrate Men Who Are There to Care

In this ad, we see elements of Doves classic brand advertising – we’ve seen them use authentic stories and real people to promote their products many times. Dove pieces together shots from family home movies to celebrate different male role models. We like the way that Dove implies that Dad figures play all the roles listed in these ads. As well as giving us an updated, authentic portrayal of family life; choosing to acknowledge not just Dad’s, but Uncles, Grandfathers and Teachers too.




 Moonpig – Father’s Day 2017 - #BackToDad

Moonpig capitalise on two of the things they do best in their Father’s Day video campaign this year – their personalisation platform, and their great cards. Their combination of animation and live action feels like a strong representation of the brand here. The animated characters bring a fun, playful feel to the ad, complimenting their online presence as a personalised card go-to, whilst the live action makes the ad feel warm and authentic, showing us close moments of receiving an extra special or funny card.




M&S Father’s Day Advert 2017

This year’s M&S Father’s Day ad is a Hub office favourite. M&S often use voice over as one of the key elements of their video advertising campaigns (we’ve seen them do this in their M&S Food Campaigns) and this is fast becoming a key element of their branding. The voice over here contrasts the images shown on screen, challenging some of the stereotypes that Dads are sometimes given. We really like the way M&S make their customer’s family lives front and centre of this campaign.



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